Dan Seals - Bordertown Lyrics

Dan Seals Lyrics

Bordertown Lyrics
In the quiet hours before the dawn
Buttons up his uniform
Takes out his badge and pins it on
For thirty years he's enforced the law
And he drives out on the Rio Grande
Across the dry and sunburned land
And on this side he takes his stand again

They won't get through this bordertown
He turns 'em back, he stands his ground
But still they come, because they know
Somewhere the streets are paved with gold
Somewhere beyond the sound of this bordertown

It's not his place to say what's fair
He's done his duty all these years
In his mind the law's the law
But then at dusk she wades across
And he sees the hope thats in her eyes
Child with dreams of a brand new life
It's not his job to say what's right or wrong

(repeat chorus)

As night falls over Mexico
He waits there as she comes ashore
Finished, there's a moment of faith
He turns his back and he walks away

(instrumental solo)

(repeat chorus, with woman's echo)
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