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Game Of Love Lyrics
He walked his sweetheart down the aisle
You should have seen his mama cry
She was the only girl for him
And he would never, never leave her side

And daddy sends them the money down
To build a castle in the sky
Just like a magazine romance
A springtime honeymoon in France

Soon comes the bouncin' baby boy
And he's the apple of her eye
A custom-made recipe for joy
A gift that money couldn't buy
But Bobby's staying out late at night
And Mary's drinkin' on the sly

Is this some world that I'm dreaming of?
Is there somebody above?
Teach us to play the game of love.

Pushing and pullin', tears on the pillow
Digging in deeper each day
She wants his lovin', he says she's changin'
and slipping away
Who needs the heartache of staying together?
Let's call it a day.

Some people say right from the start
That love is just a foolish game
And when we end up against the wall
To find somebody else to blame
But if the loser gets the broken heart
How come the winner gets the same?
The winner get the same.
We just pick up the house of cards
So we can do it all again.


Teach us to play the game of love.
Oh, when we gonna learn?
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