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Sweet Papa Di Lyrics
Yeah they call me Sweet Papa Di, yeah
I tell you, I spread my sugar all around
Yeah, I mean all around
They keep a-standin' in line
Every time Papa Di come to town, yeah
Ooo I'm a hound
I love 'em all one by one
Yeah I'll even stand & look at me down
Just like a child
Yeah they call me Sweet Papa Di, yeah
Yeah but the honey drippin' from the vine, yeah
Ooo the vine
I've got a reputation, pretty love girls oughta live my lips
Ooo I feel every time
I love 'em all round the clock
They come home beggin' all the time, yeah so fine
Yeah I'll tell you all about a woman in Texas
I'm older than Tennessee
I'm sentimental Rockies, floatin' Wyoming
Yeah, Atlanta outside of travel, Miami was the best, yeah
& back in New York town, women, yeah, gotta get some rest
Yeah they call me Sweet Papa Di
I'm a specialist on the heart & the soul
Yeah the Jelly Roll
As long as you fine things need me
Yeah, Papa Di won't let your love get cold
Bless your souls
(repeat last 2 verses)
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