Dusty Drake - Aint Nobodys Business Lyrics

Dusty Drake Lyrics

Aint Nobodys Business Lyrics
I can read your mind judging me from the front porch
You say here comes trouble riding on a big iron horse
You're looking down on me, you think you got me figured out
'Cause my leather's too black and my Harley's too loud
You say it's a reflection of where I come from
But You don't know about me or the things I've done
You think I've got no values and I got no pride
But I ride to live and live to ride
'Til the day I die
I may be long on hair
Short on cash
And live my life just a little too fast
But I don't need you to tell me right from wrong
I might drink, cuss, smoke a little too
Pierced my ear and I got a tattoo
Ain't nobody's business but my own

You see we ride for veterans of the foreign wars
And we ride for the kids in the cancer wards
We ride for God and we ride for fun
And we stand alone ten million strong
So Just because you go to church on each and every sunday
Well there ain't no guarantee your gonna get to heaven someday
And don't be too sure that my fate is sealed
Riding chrome and steel


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