In Memory of a Memory Lyrics by Johnny Paycheck

Johnny Paycheck Lyrics

In Memory of a Memory Lyrics
In memory of a memory

I guess I owe the neighbors an explanation bout the noise
coming from this ole house an me
Lord but this feelin takes hold of me
God knows I fight it but it takes control of me
Thats why Im here tonight
In memory of a memory

See that back yard that’s where my babys use to play
And see that window that where hey thats the bedroom where we use to lay
Oh sure you think Im crazy an hell I might just might be
that’s but as for tonight Im here in memory of a memory

So go on back to sleep and don’t worry bout out here in this night air all alone
Ill be leavin soon as soon as I check each room cause its still my home still my home
Guess Ill go water the flowers like she ask me to wish Id done way back then when she ask me to
Lord but this bottle took hold of me god knows I fought it but it took control of me that’s why Im here tonight in memory of
a memory

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