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We Were Us Lyrics
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(feat. Miranda Lambert)

Rearview crosses
Railroad ties
Oh, Hail Marys
Friday nights
Heartbeat baby
Low-beam lights
God, I miss when you were mine

Back when that song was a song
I could sing along without thinkin bout you every time it came on
Every beat, every line, every word, every time
When a road was a road
I could roll on through without wishin that empty seat was you
Money was gas, dreams were dust
Love was fast and we were us

Shotgun sunset
A cool mint kiss
Backseat promise
Breaking it
Floorboard feeling
County lines
God, I miss when you were mine

[Repeat Chorus]

In a sleepy town, just jumping in
Far too young to know that summers end
We were us, we can't go back
It's what it is, but God I miss

[Repeat Chorus]

Every beat, every line, every word, every single time
I just close my eyes and you're ridin shotgun
You and me, baby, on the run
I can feel your heartbeat, baby
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We Were Us Info:

We Were Us is a duet with country singer Miranda Lambert. It is the second single from Keith Urban's 2013 album Fuse. The song tells the story of two former lovers looking back on their lost romance.

Urban has known Miranda Lambert since the mid 2000s, when she was his opening act during his Alive in '05 tour. Urban said that choosing Lambert to collaborate on the track was a no-brainer: "She's just the real deal. I just love her. I love her artistry. Her voice is awesome. She would get up and play with us when we were touring with her, and I just felt like our voices went together really well. So, it was another person that I always had in the back of my mind and was hoping I could find a song for us one day."

"The song called 'We Were Us' came along," he continued, "and it's actually written as a duet, but the girl sings first, so I thought 'Let's do it! Let's call Miranda up.' She liked the song, came and sang it, and various people were going 'Well you can't have her singing first!' Why not? It sounds fine! Again, it was always just about how the song works best. The song just works best that way. It's a duet. She's not a backing vocalist."

Urban has a thing for cars, which often finds its way into his music. This song, for instance, includes mentions of "low beam lights" and a time when "money was gas and dreams were dust." There's even a "backseat promise" and a "floorboard feeling."

"The car thing features heavily in a lot of my songs because I just love - I love cars," he said. "And I love listening to music in cars. I love all the 'moments' - all kinds of moments - that we humans experience only in cars, you know…as couples and arguments and makeup sessions and make-out sessions and everything. I just love everything to do with cars!"

From the Album:
Fuse (2013)

September 16th, 2013

Music download

Country pop

Length: 3:11

Nicolle Galyon
Jimmy Robbins
Jon Nite

Keith Urban
Nathan Chapman

Nathan Chapman - drum programming, bass guitar, acoustic guitar, keyboards
Miranda Lambert - vocals
Keith Urban - all vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, ganjo

Music video:
"We Were Us" on YouTube

The music video was directed by Reid Long and premiered in November 2013.

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