Mary Gauthier Lyrics

Mary Gauthier Lyrics

From the Album The Foundling (2010) (buy at

The Foundling
Mama Here, Mama Gone
Interlude 1
Blood Is Blood
Walk On The Water
Interlude 2
Sweet Words
The Orphan King
Another Day Borrowed

From the Album Between Daylight and Dark (2007) (buy at
Between Daylight and Dark
Can't Find The Way
Between The Daylight And The Dark
Last Of The Hobo Kings
Before You Leave
Same Road
I Ain't Leaving
Soft Place To Land

From the Album Mercy Now (2005) (buy at
Mercy Now
Falling Out Of Love
Mercy Now
Wheel Inside The Wheel
I Drink
Just Say She's A Rhymer
Prayer Without Words
Your Sister Cried
Empty Spaces
Drop In A Bucket
It Ain't The Wind, It's The Rain

From the Album Filth & Fire (2002) (buy at
Filth & Fire
Walk Through The Fire
A Long Way To Fall
Sugar Cane
Merry Go Round
Camelot Motel
After You're Gone
The Ledge
Christmas In Paradise
For Rose
The Sun Fades The Color Of Everything

From the Album Drag Queens In Limousines (1999) (buy at

Drag Queens In Limousines
Our Lady Of The Shooting Stars
Karla Faye
I Drink
Lucky Stars
A Different Kind Of Gone
Slip Of The Tongue
Jackie's Train

From the Album Dixie Kitchen (1997) (buy at

Goddamn HIV

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