Bathroom Sink Lyrics by Miranda Lambert

Miranda Lambert Lyrics

Bathroom Sink Lyrics
Puttin' on my makeup
Puttin' off the hard stuff
Hoping that it passes
Fake smile & eyelashes
I wash my hands and try not to think
Or dirty up my bathroom sink

I'm at it again with mama
Everybody's so tired of the drama
Were still fighting like I'm sixteen
And I guess we always will be
She taught me how to pray and drink
And how to clean the bathroom sink

It's amazing, the amount of rejection
That I see in my reflection
And I cant get out of the way
I'm lookin' forward to the girl I wanna be
But regret has got a way of staring me right in the face
So I try not to waste too much time
At the bathroom sink

It all gets complicated
And sometimes overrated
Glamour at its finest
Just means someone's hidin'
From their own reality
And the mirror at their bathroom sink


I pray as I get ready
Forgot to make me steady
And I thank him for his patience
And I take my medication
And bless this day and all it brings
And I clean up the bathroom sink

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