Scars Lyrics by Miranda Lambert

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Scars Lyrics
Some are deep, some are not
Some never hurt at all, some hurt a lot
Some are there from our mistakes
Some are all that's left to show of the choices that we've made

Even the ones too small to notice,
are there to remind us who we are
Even if the world could look inside us
They might miss the blemish on our hearts
These scars

I've got mine, you've got yours
I've lived long enough to know not to hide them any more
'Cause we've had time, and time can heal
If they could change the way we look,
they can change the way we feel

I understand as well as you do
Sometimes a touch can go too far
Love was never meant to be that easy
And some don't just disappear in the dark
These scars

Pain that I remember, is the pain that makes me stronger
I've had to look at life that way
I've learned to rise above it, to keep from going under
Well I take it step by step, day by day

I'm not ashamed of what you see,
'cause every single scar has become a part of me
And all I know, is here and now,
yesterday's gone, but we made it through somehow

Looking back I'm glad I took my chances,
'cause they were worth at least enough to leave a mark
Baby I'm not sure where we're going,
but it means a lot to know just where we'll start
With these scars

Some are deep, some are not
Some never hurt at all, some hurt a lot...

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