Texas Pride Lyrics by Miranda Lambert

Miranda Lambert Lyrics

Texas Pride Lyrics
well they say there's lots of fans
for those texas country bands
playing all them songs about texas pride
well you can make one little bet
I ain't seen my fan club yet
but I'm hell bent for gettin them on my side

I sing the eyes of texas
make my home on the range
and I shout out T for texas every hour
I've been drown in whiskey river and I've played down at the La Grange
and the rose of san antone is my favorite flower

I saw Robert Earl Keen
at the dance hall down in Gruene
he said the party never ends down Aggie way
yeah and Dallas has their show with old David Allan Coe
he never even called me by my name
well I can rope a steer
drink a keg of Lonestar beer
I got three pet armadillos and a pick up truck
I got a redneck for a mother
and I'm here to tell you brother
if you ain't born in texas then you're out of luck
cus' them people down in texas dont give a dog-gone if
you ain't born in texas then you better go home

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