Yearwood Trisha - If I Aint Got You Lyrics

Yearwood Trisha Lyrics

If I Aint Got You Lyrics
Everything in moderation, that's the way it's always been
Never gettin' out of control - never hangin' it out
Always reelin' it in
I saved my money for a rainy day
But now I've had enough of playin' it safe
I wanna go too far, I wanna go too fast
Somebody draw the line so I can blow right past
I wanna spend too much, I wanna stay too late
I'm gonna roar too loud, I'm gonna be that way
I wanna play too hard, I wanna go too far
I'm the one they all depend on
Sensible, predictable, and strong
But every now and then, I feel like I've played that role too long
I need to rock the boat, I need to speak my mind
Just this once let it all unwind
I've gotta set this spirit free
That's hiding here inside
I feel like a bird in a cage
It's time for me to fly

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