Able Bodied Man Lyrics by Charley Pride

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Able Bodied Man Lyrics
I'm calling from the station and I haven't got much time to let you know

Got a ticket for Misoury and there's things I need to say before I go

If I could I'd have you meet me but I don't see how I can

I don't have enough to pay your fare

There's a factory in Columbus hiring now I understand

And they're looking for an able bodied man

You should meet some money in the letter that I mailed two days ago

But when I wrote the letter saying you could come to me I didn't know

And I was goin' to lose my job in such a little while

So now we're gonna have to change our plan

They may not hire me in Columbus but I'm pretty sure they will

Cause they're looking for an able bodied man

[ steel ]

If I'd've more education now I'd've made a better life for me and you

But just simple manual labor is the only kind of work that I can do

The bus is loadin' for Misoury so I guess I'd better go

I'll call you just as soon as I can

I'll be sending you a ticket cause I think I'll get a job

If they're looking for an able bodied man and remember I'm your able bodied man

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