Baby Is Gone Lyrics by Charley Pride

Charley Pride Lyrics

Baby Is Gone Lyrics
The world goes around and the young men get old

The people next door are all down with the cold

The stars are in the heaven that's where they belong

They don't shine in my world since baby is gone

If I were a writer I'd write me a song and all I could say is my baby is gone

[ ac.guitar ]

They had a farsail downtown yesterday

They say that newport house will be finished right away

The weatherman says sunshine but I know he's wrong

But I don't really care cause baby is gone

If I were a traveler I'd go to Hongkong and try to forget that my baby is gone

[ ac.guitar ]

The sheep're in the meadow the cows're in the corn

And I'm here a wishing I'd never been born

The newspaper said bout the world's goin' wrong

Ain't worried bout the world cause baby is gone

If I were a singer I'd sing me a song but who wants to sing when his baby is gone

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