Days Of Sand And Shovels Lyrics by Charley Pride

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Days Of Sand And Shovels Lyrics
When I noticed her the first time I was outside running barefoot in the rain

She lived in the house next door her nose was pressed against the window pane

When I looked at her she smiled and showed a place where two teeth used to be

And I heard her ask her mom if she could come outside and play with me

Soon the days of sand and shovels gave way to the mysteries of life

Then I noticed she was changin' and I looked at her through different eyes

We became as one and knew a love without beginning or an end

Everyday I lived with her was like a new day dawning once again

And I've loved her since every doll was Shirley Temple soda pop was still a nickel

Jam was on her fingertips milk was circkled on her lips

After many years our love grew silent and at night I heard her cry

When she left me in the fall I said that it would be our last goodbye

I was man enough to give her everything she needed for a home

In searching for a pefect love I found that I could not give her a child

Now she lives a quiet life and is the mother of a little girl

Everytime I pass her house my thoughts go back into another world

Because I see her little girl her nose is pressed against the window pane

She thinks I'm a lonely man who wants to come inside out of the rain

And I've loved her since...

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