I'm Just Me Lyrics by Charley Pride

Charley Pride Lyrics

I'm Just Me Lyrics
I’m Just Me

Down at the railroad station there’s people getting off
Some are going north, some are going south
I’m just going to be gone
Some people are born to be takers,
Others just want to give
Some people live just to love
I just love to live

Oh I was born to be exactly what you see
Nothing more or less, in other words for the best
I just try to be exactly what you see
Today and every day, I’m just me

When people say that life is rough
I wonder compared to what
Some are wanting more
And more are getting less
I just want what I got
Some want to live on a hill
Others down by the sea
Some want to live inside my walls
I just want to live free

(Repeat chorus)

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