Instant Loneliness Lyrics by Charley Pride

Charley Pride Lyrics

Instant Loneliness Lyrics
I watch it's three a.m. I know she's waitin' up again

On the road I'm wonderin' what I'm gonna say

Funny how the light's not turnin' maybe this time she'll be sleepin'

In the drive I'm wonderin' if she's okay

The house looks dark to me as I fumble for the key

Now inside an empty chair is all I see

In the kitchen on the table there's a letter and Lord I'm shakin'

Cause she's cried and wrote she's tired of waitin' for me

Instant loneliness all around me certainly my whole world has slipped away

Instant loneliness where she should be and this instant loneliness is hurtin' me

[ fiddle ]

She once said to me that she'd grow tired some day

This empty house echoes the words she used to say

In the hallway there's a toy and a picture of the baby

A reminder of how much she took away

Instant loneliness all around me...

Yes this instant loneliness is hurtin' me

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