Once Again Lyrics by Charley Pride

Charley Pride Lyrics

Once Again Lyrics
The telephone rings and I tremble knowing what it means if I talk to you

Your sweet lips still whisper darling I love you and need you

And once again I'll do the things I shouldn't do

And once again I'll come to you my heart just won't let go

When you whisper my name I lose all control

And once again I'll leave my world behind and rush to you and then

I'll be happy till I leave you once again

[ guitar ]

The price we paid for love is almost too high

But I can't find the strenght to end it all

Anytime that thought awakes I could tell you then forget the minute when I hear your call

Once again I'll reach heaven in your loving arms

Only you could ever make me feel this way

And once again I'll face the bitter sweetness of your goodbye tears

And I'll live for when I see you once again yes I'll live for when I see you once again

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