Place For The Lonesome Lyrics by Charley Pride

Charley Pride Lyrics

Place For The Lonesome Lyrics
There's a place just down the street for the lonesome

Where the sad and broken hearts come in

To pay a little Gypsy woman a dollar she'll tell me how to start a new life again

Goin' down to that place for the lonesome

Have my future read from the palm of my hand

Please tell me good news Gypsy woman that my sweet love's a comin' home again

God only knows of my big trouble I thought I had a true love a love that'll never end

Heaven only knows how much I miss her Gypsy woman say she's comin' home again

[ piano ]

When she left last night in walked sorrow with the pain so great I can hardly stand

Maybe there will be a brighter tomorrow Gypsy woman will she be home again

God only knows...

Gypsy woman will she be home again

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