Special Lyrics by Charley Pride

Charley Pride Lyrics

Special Lyrics
The only thing I really own is what you see me wearing on my back

The only friends I've ever known are the kind you meet along a railroad track

The kind you bum tabacco from and view the world through a boxcar door

A friend who talks and makes you laugh has nothing much but gives you half

And maybe you don't see him anymore

Special I hear your lonesome whistle whine

It's calling me Special keep moving me on down the line

My mackinaw is full of holes and ain't too good at keepin' out the cold

My shoes are worn as paper thin my feet can feel the cinders through the soles

Sometimes I see a pretty girl and wonder what I've missed along the way

Once someone special wore my ring and loved me more than anything

I gave her up and caught a train one day

Special I had a special girl one time

Now she's not mine Special keep moving me on down the line

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