Tennessee Girl Lyrics by Charley Pride

Charley Pride Lyrics

Tennessee Girl Lyrics
Well I left home at a crack of dawn just about a year ago

I thumbed my way cross the USA and I learned a lot I didn't know

The Primised Land that I thought I'd find was always just ahead of me

Until one day when I realized I left it back in Tennessee

And that's why I'm going back to my Tennessee girl and a Tennessee way of life

And I'm gonna ask my Tennessee girl to be my Tennessee wife

Tonight I slept in a hobo camp workin' out like dog by day

I never got enough to get ahead just enough to make my way

Cold and tired when the evening come all I had to ease my mind

Was thinkin' bout the place I started from and the girl that I left behind

And that's why I'm going back...

There ain't no place that I been at all that I would gonna settle in

And every town that I travel through made me wanna go home again

The green green grass and the rollin' hills seem to keep a callin' me

Back to the place where I was born and the girl that I long to see

And that's why I'm going back...

I'm going back...

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