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It Ain't Pretty Lyrics

Driving home from work just yesterday patiently and patiently waiting for the light to change.I noticed a homeless mom and her two kids as she reached out and  lifted up the trash can lid.Her face lit up when she looked inside and pulled out a broken armless doll knelt down and gave it to her smallest child,and God you should have seen her smile.
(Chorus) It ain't pretty,but it's beautiful.Life ain't perfect,but it's wonderful.We're all broken,but we're lovable.It ain't pretty,but it's beautiful.

Got home and told my wife about what I had seen.She grabbed her purse and took me by the hand and said come with me.We drove around until we found the three of them.I wondered who was blessing who when they got in.We bought them food and clothes and drove to a toy store,and the little girl said "I don't need a brand new doll,"as she hugged the broken armless one they'd found before she said "this one needs me more."
(Chorus) She ain't pretty,but she's beautiful.She ain't perfect,but she's wonderful.She might be broken,but she's lovable.She ain't pretty,but she's beautiful.

Last night my wife and I talked 'til the sun came up about how we fuss and fight sometimes,say ugly things,act so unkind,but we thank God we always fight our way back to loove.
(Chorus) It ain't pretty,but it's beautiful.Our love ain't perfect,but it's wonderful.We're still learning to be lovable.It ain't pretty,but it's beautiful.We're all learning to be lovable.It's ain't always pretty,but it's beautiful.

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