Like We Never Said Goodbye Lyrics by Clay Walker

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Like We Never Said Goodbye Lyrics
I didn't know you were gonna be at that bar when I walked in
Til I walked in
I looked up, saw your face, turned around
And I walked back out again
Then I thought there's too much that we shared
So I made myself get ahold of myself
And walked back in
And went right up to you
I could feel you were caught off gaurd
Neither one of us knew just what to do
So I said
How's it been, been a while
Tell me how's your Mama
You said Good, you can sit down if you wanna
I said I was just thinkin bout Oklahoma
The wild roller coaster ride we had that summer
Before we knew it we were on our 2nd glass of wine
Sittin there talkin just like
We had never said goodbye

Well even after all that time well it clicked just like before
Maybe a little more
Before we knew it they were closing up the joint
Yea, stackin them chairs
Lockin them doors
I asked the waitress would she mind if we slept there
And stayed for breakfast
We both laughed
You grabbed your purse
I paid our tab
Standing underneath the moon
I couldn't help but ask
What you say we take a stroll down by the river
What a night, girl can you believe this weather
I been thinking we were pretty damn good together
You said yea wonder why did we ever let it go
I said I don't know but after seeing you tonight
Well It feels just like
We had never said goodbye
Never said goodbye

I been thinking maybe we should give it one more try
Like we never said good bye

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