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Workin Man Lyrics

He slips on his worn out jeans,
She buttons up his shirt.
A sleepy smile and a goodbye kiss,
He's up off to work.
He puts in a forty hour week,
But she's on his mind full time.
He'll give it everything he's got,
Then he's all hers at five, cause

[chorus] He's a workin' man.
He don't mind workin' overtime
For the trust and the touch of a woman,
come rain or shine.
He's got workin' hands.
Puts his heart in everything he does.
Cause he's a workin' man,
Workin' on a thing called love.

Well things get fun when he gets home.
She kinda likes it when he's around.
She's got a "honey-do" list
With a lipstick kiss,
Says "meet me when the sun goes down"

[chorus] She could've had anyone she wanted
But she's never wanted more
Than a man who was willing to die
For the woman he's livin' for.

[chorus] Workin' on a thing called love. (x2)

[Thanks to cheergirl992007 for adding these lyrics]

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