Dan Fogelberg - A Love Like This Lyrics

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A Love Like This Lyrics
And now the lonely days are done
And with each rising of the sun, love begins anew
And if you ever ask me why I know that my love will never die
I'll say these words to you
Of all the souls I've ever known
Mine sings to yours and yours alone
And yours sings just to me
In all this world I'll never find
A heart that could beat as close to mine
And this time I can see

A love like this is so hard to find
And so many never do
And loves like this, when they even exist
Are precious and few
You know they're precious and few


Down the miles, through the years
Yours is the star by which I steer
The brightest star I've known
And when I feel all hope is gone
Yours is the love that leads me on
The light that guides me home
The light that guides me home
Your light will guide me home

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