Dan Fogelberg - Captured Angel Lyrics

Dan Fogelberg Lyrics

Captured Angel Lyrics
Found your heart and lost your lover
Lick your wounds and run for cover
Take your time,there'll be another
And don't make the same mistake twice
Unless you can pay the price

All the years that you spent in growing
End up one more line you're towing
Don't look now but your age is showing
And it's much too late to turn back
You better pull in the slack

Captured Angel
Aching to make your break
Your freedom's at stake
You better fly now...
Fly now, fly now
While your wings are still young
Your cage door's been flung wide open...
And I'm hoping you see
That there's a place beside me
If you ever need it

Sold your dreams
For sweet salvation
Left with righteous indignation
Now it seems that you face starvation
And nourishment doesn't come cheap
You better go back to sleep


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