Dan Fogelberg - Days To Come Lyrics

Dan Fogelberg Lyrics

Days To Come Lyrics
Tell me true do you still believe the prophets
That you found among the clouds of youthful skies
Broken dreams line your face like stormy weather
But you can't stay dry forever in the rain

The truth should now be plain
You can't go back again

Living through what you used to call romantic
Now your voice betrays the panic in your eyes
Love at last but you still can't seem to buy it
Now you're caught between the quiet and the cries

Oh, tears and hopeful lies
Make a sad disguise

All your life you've been chasing some uncertain
Now you find yourself deserting all you know
Though it feels like this chill won't leave you ever
You know you can't stay cold forever in the sun

Oh, raise your head and run, run, run
Through the Days To Come

[D.F. - acoustic guitars, electric guitars, bass, drums, lead and harmony vocals]

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