Dan Fogelberg - Give Me Some Time Lyrics

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Give Me Some Time Lyrics
Slow down, girl, what's the hurry
Love can wait if you're worried
Then I'll try to ease your mind
You say we're losing time
But I've go to find a way to convince you
I've got cause to be wary
For so long I've had to carry the weight of another soul
You say I won't let go but how do you know I can

Give me some time now
I've just got to find how I'm going to forget her
And talk myself into believing
That she and I are through
Then maybe I'll fall for you

You're just, just what I've needed
But I'd be unfair and conceited
To say you're the only one
Woman, I'm on the run from something I have begun
And can't seem to finish
Although it hasn't been recent
I still think it wouldn't be decent
To let you believe in me so soon
I've got to make you see what she meant to me
So please

[Chorus 2x]

Maybe I'll fall for you
Maybe I'll fall for you
Maybe I'll fall for you
Maybe I'll fall for you

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