Dan Fogelberg - Go Down Easy Lyrics

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Go Down Easy Lyrics
Linda lost her lover in the early part of autumn
And she moved out to the country hoping all would be forgotten
The last time that I saw her she was makin' sure the winter
Wouldn't come through that old door frame
Where the door is several inches from the ground, the cold hard ground

And it's hard to go down easy
And it's hard to keep from cryin'
And it's hard to lose a lover in the early part of autumn

Well, she learned to cook the meals and she learned to start the fire
And she learned to make jewelry out of stones and precious metals
She sits down to the table with her friends and several others
And she tries real hard to never be alone


Now the winter wind blows cold upon a fair and gentle soul
And she feels as if her time is a-passin' easy
Her friends are sometimes lovers, though they'll always be another
She thinks about when the night time lays on down

[Chorus 2x]

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