Dan Fogelberg - Love In Time Lyrics

Dan Fogelberg Lyrics

Love In Time Lyrics
The world is filled with restless lovers
Ever waiting for another chance to try
To find what's passed them by

The night is broken with the crying
Of the lost who wonder why
They're never found
It's such a sorry sound.

But Love in Time will come to all
Take your breath and break your fall
All of those who hunger will be fed.
And just when things are looking dark
Love will come and take your heart
And wake in you a promise long unsaid

The winds of fortune rarely grace
Those who try to force the pace
And will not see
That love can't be had for free

Those who try to place a price on
The value of their sacrifice
Will suffer long
Theirs is the saddest sound

[D.F. - acoustic and electric guitars, electric slide guitar, piano, bass, drums,percussion, lead and harmony vocals]

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