Dan Fogelberg - Seeing You Again Lyrics

Dan Fogelberg Lyrics

Seeing You Again Lyrics
Seeing you again was like meeting for the first time
In a foggy dream so many years ago
Strangers in an airport searching for a word to break the ice
Holding you again even for the briefest moment
Made me realize how much I love you still
Wanting you to want me
Still not knowing if you ever will

Seeing you again
Seeing you again was the sweetest torture I may ever know
Seeing you again
Seeing you again made me wish I'd never let you go

Seeing you again
Running free along the beaches where our shadows first began to intertwine
Listening to your laughter
Wishing that your love could still be mine


Did you only come to say you're sorry or give it one more try
Did you only need to see there was nothing left for me inside worth saving

Running for your train
You smiled back through the doorway like you used to when our hearts still beat as one
And as I turned away I knew the lonely days had just begun

[Chorus 2x]

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