Dan Fogelberg - Windows And Walls Lyrics

Dan Fogelberg Lyrics

Windows And Walls Lyrics
Up every morning long before day
Cooking her breakfast alone
She quietly dresses and pulls up the shade
And sits in the chair by the phone
But nobody ever comes by anymore
Nobody ever calls
Most days she sits and just stares
At the windows and walls
Windows and walls
Children all married, husband's passed on
Nothing but time on her hand
Most of her mornings are spent in her dreams
Or making her sad little plans
Maybe she'll go to the corner today
And pick up the new McCall's
If just to escape for an hour from her windows and walls
Windows and walls, windows and walls
The clock on the mantel chiming the hours
Must be the loneliest sound
She washes her dishes and waters her flowers
And afterwards has to sit down
Sometimes she still can remember a child
Playing with china dolls
Now all that she's left
Are these memories and windows and walls
Windows and walls
Windows and walls
Windows and walls (day after day)....

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