Danni Leigh - Day by Day Lyrics

Danni Leigh Lyrics

Day by Day Lyrics
Scream to the driveway
Run in slam the door
Trying to get away from
What I just can't take no more
I don't wanna hurt myself
I'm scared that it's too much
And I'm afraid that I'm wrecklessly falling in love

Day by day
I'm going out of my mind
Oh I get a little crazy
Ooh each and every time
That you kiss me oh so gently
And you hold me in your arms
This feelings almost painful
As it's pounding at my heart
I love you more
Day by day

Could it be I'm dreaming
About a love so true
When I close my eyes at night
All I see is you
And I keep hearing voices
Whispers in the wind
Telling me to stop off of the edge
And just give in

(Repeat Chorus)

Finally I can touch
My sweet forever

(Repeat Chorus)

Day by day
I love you more

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