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She Flew The Coupe Lyrics
Sittin' in a bar room
Joplin, Missouri
Texas on my mind

Got no way to get there
Got no need to hurry
All I got is my time

In walks a lady
Heart be still!
In walks a lady with a Coupe Deville

She asked for someone new
To ride Tulsa way
She said she had to be there

Said I need a ride
a little further south
She said "Climb on in, boy
just shut your mouth"

Mmmm, Let me tell you, brother
She flew the coupe (coupe, coupe)
Let me tell you, brother
She flew the coupe (coupe, coupe)
Could have been eighty, ninety, or a hundred
A woman that fast, she don't need a number.

About a half an hour in
I turned on the radio
I caught a little bit of news
About a lady you know

There was somthin' 'bout gunplay
and a car she took
Satisfactory conditions
For thowin' the book

I looked to my left (to my left, to my left)
Heart be still!
I was looking at the lady with the Coupe Deville

She said, "Back in Missouri
a man owed a little debt.
It wasn't over money
But she took what she could get."

"She was in the driver's seat
She never looked back."
And I was ridin' shotgun
In a Cadiliac

(repeat chorus twice)

Yeah, go on baby
Now, now now.
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