David Houston - Smokey Blue Eyes Lyrics

David Houston Lyrics

Smokey Blue Eyes Lyrics
(Smokey blue eyes)

I was sittin' alone in a bar yesterday

Just passin' the time when I heard a sweet voice say

How's about one far the road you and I

Then I turned and saw an angel with smokey blue eyes

We talked of the weather and things that we'd done

We've laughed at each heartache like two kids a having fun

I was in heaven I won't try to deny

When I danced with an angel with smokey blue eyes (smokey blue eyes)

The jukebox was playing when I heard my heart sing

For on her third finger I placed my class ring

Well I'm not pretending oh I'll love her till I die

As I turned and kissed the angel with smokey blue eyes

Smokey blue eyes smokey blue eyes I fell so in love with smokey blue eyes

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