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From the Album Never Been Rocked Enough (2011) (buy at

I Used To Worry
Why Me
Never Been Rocked Enough
Blues As Blues Can Get
Stir It Up
Good Man Good Woman

From the Album Acquired Taste (2009) (buy at
Acquired Taste
Mama's Little Baby
Starting A Rumor
Do It
Until Then
Cherry Street

From the Album Rockin' Blues (2007) (buy at
Rockin' Blues
Twist And Shout / La Bamba
These Boots Are Made For Walkin'
You Got Me Hummin'
Mr. Pitiful
Don't Let Go
Lover In Demand
I Ain't Never
Lose Your Money (But Don't Lose Your Mind)
Lost In A Dream
Don't Cry No More

From the Album Cost Of Living (2005) (buy at
Cost Of Living
One Of The Fortunate Few
Right To Be Wrong
The Part I Like Best
I'll Change My Style
Hammerhead Stew
Your Memory, Me And The Blues
Dead Wrong
Down Into Mexico
Kiss Her Once For Me
I Had A Real Good Time
Midnight Communion
Two Step Too
Alright By Me

From the Album Room To Breathe (2002) (buy at

Same Kind Of Crazy
Smooth Talk
Jungle Room
Everything I Know About The Blues
Blues About You Baby
Lone Star Blues
The Rub
Won't Be Me
Don't Want To Love You
Ain't Lost Nothin'
Money Honey
New York City

From the Album Nothing Personal (2001) (buy at

Livin' It Down
Gotta Get It Worked On
When Rita Leaves
Squeeze Me In
Birmingham Tonight
Baggage Claim
All Night Long
Don't Leave Home Without It
Nothin' Lasts Forever
Read Me My Rights
All There Is Of Me
Watchin' The Rain

From the Album One Of The Fortunate Few (1997) (buy at

Old Weakness
Leap Of Faith
Somebody To Love You
Sending Me Angels
Too Much Stuff
Monkey Around
Lie No Better
You Were Never Mine
Better Off With The Blues
Best Of Me

From the Album Delbert McClinton (1993) (buy at

The Sun Medley
....mystery Train Baby Left Me
....that's All Right Mama
Tell Me About It (Duet With Tanya Tucker)
Mary Lou
Have A Little Faith In Me
The Wanderer
Just You And Me
One More Last Chance
Lay Around And Love On You
He Will Break Your Heart

From the Album Never Been Rocked Enough (1992) (buy at

Everytime I Roll The Dice
I Used To Worry (Duet With Francine Reed)
Miss You Fever
Why Me?
Have A Little Faith In Me
Never Been Rocked Enough
Blues As Blues Can Get
Can I Change My Mind
Cease And Desist
Stir It Up
Good Man, Good Woman (Duet With Bonnie Raitt)

From the Album I'm With You (1990) (buy at

That's The Way I Feel
My Baby's Lovin'
Go On
Got You On My Mind
Crazy 'bout You
I'm With You
I Want To Love You
Who's Foolin' Who
The Real Thing
My Love Is Burnin'

From the Album Plain' From The Heart (1981) (buy at

Be Good To Yourself
A Fool In Love
Heartbreak Radio
I've Got Dreams To Remember
In The Midnight Hour
I Wanna Thank You Baby
Sandy Beaches
Lipstick Traces (On A Cigarette)
I Feel So Bad
Rooster Blues

From the Album Wake Up Baby (1981) (buy at
Wake Up Baby
You Got Me Hummin'
Couldn't Have Been A Millionaire
Feel Alright
It's Over
Lover In Demand
Without You
Wake Up Baby
Lost In A Dream
Those Boots Were Made For Walking

From the Album The Jealous Kind (1980) (buy at

Shotgun Rider
I Can't Quit You
Givin' It Up For Your Love
The Jealous Kind
Going Back To Louisiana
Baby Ruth
Bright Side Of The Road
Take Me To The River
Shaky Ground
My Sweet Baby

From the Album Keeper Of The Flame (1979) (buy at

Plain Old Makin' Love
Just A Little Bit
Shot From The Saddle
I Don't Want To Hear It Anymore
Have Mercy
I'm Talking About You
Two More Bottles Of Wine
I Received A Letter
A Mess Of Blues

From the Album Second Wind (1978) (buy at

"b" Movie
Isn't That So
Take It Easy
It Ain't Whatcha Eat But The Way How You Chew It
Sick And Tired
Maybe Someday Baby
Big River
Lovinest Man

From the Album Love Rustler (1977) (buy at
Love Rustler
Love Rustler
Let Love Come Between Us
Under Suspicion
Some People
As Long As I Got You
Hold On To Your Hiney
In The Jailhouse Now
That Woman
Ain't No More Cane
Turn On Your Love Light

From the Album Genuine Cowhide (1976) (buy at

It's Love, Baby (24 Hours A Day)
Please Please Please
Lovey Dovey
Before You Accuse Me
Blue Monday
I'm Dyin' Fast As I Can
Lipstick, Powder, And Paint
Pledging My Love
One Kiss Led To Another
When She Wants Good Lovin' My Baby Comes To Me
Special Love Song
Let The Good Times Roll

From the Album Victim Of Life's Circumstances (1975) (buy at

Victim Of Life's Circumstances
Honky Tonkin' (I Guess I Done Me Some)
Two More Bottles Of Wine
Lesson In The Pain Of Love
Do It
Object Of My Affection
Ruby Louise
Real Good Itch
Solid Gold Plated Fool
Morgan City Fool
Troubled Women

From the Album Subject To Change (1973) (buy at
Subject To Change
Oh My
If You Don't Leave Me Alone (I'll Find Somebody That Will)
Lucky Boy (Your Ramblin' Days Are Through)
Too Much
Sidewalk Diploma
Cold November
I Don't Want To Hear It Anymore
Let Me Be Your Lover
Bless 'em
California Livin'
You Gonna Miss Me
To Be With You

From the Album Delbert & Glen (1972) (buy at

Old Standby
Ain't What You Eat But The Way How You Chew It
I Received A Letter
I Feel The Burden
"b" Movie Boxcar Blues
Everyday Will Be Like A Holiday
All Them Other Good Things
Sugar Daddy
Here Comes The Blues Again
Rosie's (The Working Girls' Hotel)
C. O. D.

Other Songs:
Giving It Up For Your Love
Good Man Good Woman
I Used To Worry

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