Desert Rose Band - Missing You Lyrics

Desert Rose Band Lyrics

Missing You Lyrics
I've been making lots of friend
Got to learn to begin again
Learn to take it on the chin
I've been missing you

I've learned to go out at night
Trying hard not to fight
I'll keep on till i get it right
And i've been missing you

Lateley i've stopped growing
Lately it's been showing
You watch me like you're knowing
I've been missing you again

Trying not to think so much
I know it's just a mental crutch
I get to thinking about your touch
Cause i've been missing you

Got no goodness to redeem
All i do is think and dream
When we were walking as a team
And i was kissing you

My old friends won't let me down
My old friends are still around
They'll stay by me when i'm down
Cause i'm still missing you

Have you been away that long
Am i judging this all wrong
I might as well be up and gone
I'll keep on missing you


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