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Always In The Rain Lyrics
You'll always find me in the rain
I've done some things I can't explain
I walk the streets alone
The darkness is my safety zone
Yes always,
always in the rain
The street lights print my silhouette
upon the pavement dark and wet
I find my childhood in the ghosts
of the old neighborhood
Yes always,
always in the rain.
It's a melancholy feeling
shakes my senses takes my feeling
Then I find I just surrender
to the moment it's so tender
I watch the neon city swirl
just like a mystic dancing girl
Beneath the stormy weather
all those colors flow together
always in the rain
My dream to lie again with you
beneath a boundless sky of blue
It's just a fantasy
a wish within a memory
Yes always,
always in the rain
CHORUS: It's a melancholy...
We all return in times of pain
to days of laughter in the rain
When all the world seemed new
the future gleamed and love was true
Yes always,
walking in the rain
Always in the rain
always in the rain.
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