Dion - Drive All Night Lyrics

Dion Lyrics

Drive All Night Lyrics
I've been away now
I just can't wait now
I got your letters -
and I read between each line
I've been praying
that you'll be waiting
So just remember -
I'm gonna make you mine
I'm gonna drive all night
till the morning light
I'm gonna roll till dawn
with the windows down
and the radio on
You know I'd drive all night
just to hold you tight
We're gonna be so free
just me for you and you for me
I've been dreamin'
and I've been schemin'
just to see you -
'cause you're my one desire
You're the reason
my arms are open
Your sweet emotion
sets my heart on fire
I'm gonna drive all night...
Girl I should have known better - I nearly let you go
if I'd had my way
Woulda made you mine a long time ago
A little understanding - just a little bit of love
would go a long long way
let me show you what I'm thinking of
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