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I've Got To Get To You Lyrics
I'll take a helicopter or a Concord jet
A creaky elevator or a red Corvette
I'll water ski an ocean, ride a tugboat too
There isn't a single thing that I wouldn't do
I've got to get to you, woh
Got to get to you
Got to get to you, woh
I've got to get to you
You know I'd drive an ice cream truck or wagon train
I'd climb the highest flagpole in the pourin' rain
I'll take a city subway or a ten-speed bike
Just shoot me out a circus cannon if you like
Love is kind
It suffers long
It's never proud or jealous
Love will never do you wrong
Good God
Love will never fail us
I'd jockey a camel on the burnin' sand
Scale every mountain peak across the land
I'd steer a locomotive or roller skate
Because my motor's runnin' and it's gettin' late
You know I'd ride a steamboat or a motorcycle
I'd roll across the earth upon a unicycle
I'd grab a taxi, I'd pay the fare
Hop in a hot air balloon 'cause I really care
Who took the sun and gave you rain?
Who filled your heart with sorrow?
Who came and stole your tender years?
Who filled your eyes with tears of no tomorrow?
You know I'd drive a tractor or a limousine
I'd try a Pogo stick or a submarine
I'd push a scooter, I'd use an ATC, a rickshaw or a dog sled
It's all the same to me
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