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This Little Girl Lyrics
People, don't you worry, I know what I'm doin'
I know what love's all about
Ah this little girl won't make a fool out of me
Because I'm gonna straighten her out
(Ba ba ba oh oh oh oh sha la la la
Oh oh oh oh sha la la la
Oh oh oh oh sha la la la wo wo wo wo wo)
(backing heard a lot throughout song)
Ah this little girl is just about as mean as they come, she is now
She don't even act nice once in a while like some, oh yeah wo wo
Trouble is her middle name
But I'm glad that's the way she came
I can be the one to tame this little girl
Ah this little girl won't like me very much at first, she won't now
& after a while she's gonna think that I'm the worst, oh yeah
But I won't treat her with kid gloves
& I won't shower her with lots of love
But I'll make an angel of this little girl
Oh this little girl tries to make every man a slave, oh yeah
But this little man is gonna take her by the hand
& I'm gonna show her the way to behave
Ah this little girl is kinda used to gettin' her way, but no more now
There's gonna be some changes made startin' today, wo I said
Now everyone will be surprised
When I cut her down to size
& no one's gonna recognize my little girl, tell you again now
This little girl, I'm a man now
This little girl, I'll tell you again now
...& fade
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