Dion - Troubled Mind Lyrics

Dion Lyrics

Troubled Mind Lyrics
Lord, I've been so unhappy everywhere I go
There's nowhere, no place that I know I can find
Peace for my troubled mind
I took a boat to China, drifted, drifted to Mexico
But nowhere, no place can I ever ever ever find
Peace for my troubled mind
But I had, I had me a girl; she didn't stay long
She left me walkin' in the rain
Wo how I loved my girl, ah but she did me so wrong
She left me with troubles & pain
Oh Lord, I'm so tired, tired of travelin' wherever 4 winds blow
There's just nowhere, no place that I could find
Peace for my, my troubled mind
Oh peace for my troubled mind
Oh a little peace for my, my mind
...& fade
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