Forever Love Lyrics by Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton Lyrics

Forever Love Lyrics
You touch me it's like no one else ever touched me
Kiss me and all other kisses just fade
No other arms come to mind when you hold me
As if ever knew that for you, I was made

You are my joy and my laughter
You are the moon and you gave the stars light
You are my ever after
Forever love, the light of my life

You wrote the book, each page and each chapter
You are my poetry, story and song
Each moment I try to capture
All of the magic that you bring along

Fantasy, romance, story-book feelings
Wrapped as a gift sent from Heaven above
I promise I'll always love you
I'm yours, forever, love

You are my joy and my laughter
I vow to drink only from your loving cup
You are my ever after
You're mine, forever love

You are my joy and my laughter
My ever after
My forever love

My cherished
Forever love

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