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Lookin' outta my windowpane
Tears minglin' with the rain
I'm so lonesome I could cry, just like old Hank
Starin' down on the city street
Feelin' empty and incomplete
There's a place I need to be to fill my tank

A place I can go where I can be free
Where I can be happy and I just be me
Home, where the warm wind's blowin'
And the river's flowin' along
Like a lazy bum in the midday sun
And I've gone fishin' with my pole at the fishin' hole
Where I can lay down my heavy load
And know that I am always welcome

I left home, I was 17
I had a lot of ambitious dreams
Seen a lot of those dreams come true
I've had good luck
I ain't complaining that's for sure
I got a lot to be thankful for
One of those things is a magic door that opens up
Back to the time when I was a kid
To the sound of the crickets and the katydids
It's called

On the front porch swingin' and fern pots hangin'
With the church bells ringin' and voices singin'
Those old songs that mend my mind like a stitch in time
Where the tea is sweet and the love complete
Oh me, I wanna go

I often think about where I have been
Where I am goin' and that's about when I think about

Where the soul find comfort
And the heart find pleasure

Where the depths of love is hard to measure it's

I hear you callin'
I hear you callin'

I'll never be lost
As long as I know
There's a place like that
Where I can go
Where I can restore my weary soul
On the mountain slopes in the soft blue smoke
Of home
Home sweet home

Back to the hills with the whippoorwills
Of home
With the fireflies blinkin'
And the night stars winkin'
Honeysuckle vine and muscadine wine
At home
Where the ginseng grows in the shady groves of
With family and friends and joy that never ends
There's no place like it
No place like it

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