I Knew You When Lyrics by Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton Lyrics

I Knew You When Lyrics
that year the spring was six months long and love
could do no wrong for love to open up the answers
the sun was stapel to the sky a junior prom july
and we at center stage where the dancers.

i knew you when the air was cold i'm there again
my dress was blue and it lay across the chair
'cause i love you i knew you well your heart
could melt like caramel your eyes was deep like
the sun muddy stream where that tapole stream
child begin child you sleep

that year the fog would climb the beach and wrapped
us out in preach from search lights that the sky
would sending

i knew you first, i knew you best, i knew from the rest,
i knew you when the spring was ending

as time takes hold you maybe we're growing old
but in my pray i will you see to remain the time
is sure of now and then it's only me

i knew you when

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