It's Not My Affair Anymore Lyrics by Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton Lyrics

It's Not My Affair Anymore Lyrics
I never knew what this could do seeing another woman with you but i can't stay
Here 'cause i would never get over you baby that would do i gotta get loose
Somebody take me out of this place keep my eyes from seeing your face 'cause
You love her where you once love me darling i can't believe it's true oh no.

It's not my affair anymore you're no my man to care for it's not my affair
Anymore i'll close the door

So many things we've lefted unsaid so many questions in my head well i never
Lock the back door ooh and somehow you keep slipping on in taking me back once
Again to a memory trail like a shadow from a feeling and it just grow don't i


Remember all of the laughter remember ooh the morning laughter remember
Moonlight the candle the shady light remember and it seen so right.


Remember moonlight the candle light the shady light remember ooh and it seen so right.


It's not my affair anymore.

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