Say Goodnight Lyrics by Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton Lyrics

Say Goodnight Lyrics
the city streets are empty it's beginning to feel
like home lights has gone out the sun is coming home
we've been standing here for for hours watching the river
blow you're walked into my life tonight but if you got to go

say goodnight while there's still a star to wish on
say goodnight while the moon is still in your eyes
*let me touch your smile and hold you for awhile
than say goodnight but (don't you) never say goodbye

i've been saving all my secrets spending my time alone
i've give enough on the life i used to know i've been
waiting for one person to love me like a friend
you're walked into my life tonight if it's got to end

repeat chorus:

oh it's easy now to tell you how i'm dreaming about
tomorrow 'cause you would be there to share that dream
with me but now it's time to close your eyes to put this
night away and keep it safe a perfect memory

repeat chorus

*repeat to chorus fade out

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