Sweet Agony Lyrics by Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton Lyrics

Sweet Agony Lyrics
well i heard about it that kind of need that keeps
a person sleepless all that dreaming just the same
and i read about it i've just deside someone leaves
you breathless but i never felt that way now i feel
it i'm not so sure that like it but i feel it comsume
it would be

and it's agony, sweet agony i ain't for you i beg for
you to set me free from this agony, sweet agony oh what
if i take control so easily sweet agony, sweey agony,
sweet agony

if you had it planned out to give yourself halfway and
leave me wanting more right here on the brink well your
time just ran out i've got to hide it all what are you
waiting for i'm too afraid to think what this thing i'm
not so sure i like it that expenses just killing me

repeat chorus

i want the real thing tired of daydreams don't you
tease me anymore you've got the real thing to keep
me waiting i never felt like this before

repeat chorus to fade out

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