As Long As I Have You Lyrics by Dove Cameron

Dove Cameron Lyrics

As Long As I Have You Lyrics
I tried, on my own I thought I'd get there
Around and round
But I was only getting nowhere
Then you came along and gave me something
Something that I could believe in, trust in
And I won't go back again

As long as I have you
I can live like there's nothing left to lose
Won't break, every fracture in my heart
Nothing in this world could ever tear this love apart
They say you gotta take the good with the bad
I'll take it on as long as I have you
(As long as I have)

I've been spinning circles in this ocean
Stuck in my ways, but you put everything in motion
This time, I want you to see the real me
I wanna open up completely, deeply
I'll never be alone again


And I realize now,
I'm better with you
You got here right on time
Yeah, you were my breakthrough
You are my breakthrough


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