George Jones - It's OK Lyrics

George Jones Lyrics

It's OK Lyrics
Verse 1:
It's OK if you are leaving
It's OK if you don't care
It's OK if you are happy
Long as I don't end up there
It's OK with me sweet baby
I've been set up from the start
Just go find another sucker
It's OK to break his heart

If you leave
I won't grieve
Leave today
It's OK
That's what you want, a honkytonk
It's OK
It's OK, It's OK

Verse 2:
It's OK if you've found another
It's OK if he wants you
It's OK to leave tomorrow
That's just what I hope you'll do
It's OK if you're a cheater
It's OK if cheaters win
Cause it's best to be the loser
When you're in the shape I'm in

(Repeat Chorus 2X)

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