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Harlan Howard Lyrics

Little More Time Lyrics
(With only a little more time)

Every once in a while there's someone whose life is like a comet flashin' across the sky

Men of great talent with things to tell us

And it seems like all too soon those kinds seem to die

Now Stephen Foster was one of these gifted people

He's down to earth songs turned the whole world on

But then like most people who are sent here on a mission

All too soon young Stephen was gone

A little more time a little more time oh the songs he might have wrote

Tender words and pretty notes with only a little more time

Another man I feel was sent here on a mission was John F Kennedy

A man loved and respected by I guess just about everyone

And I suppose we were all guilty of takin' him for granted

His love for humanity and the many fine things that he done

Now he wanted this to be a better world but all too soon this great man died

And as we gathered around our radios that afternoon

The whole world stopped a little while and it cried

A little more time a little more time so much to do so little done

But the victory's he might have won with only a little more time

And looking back down the pages of history

The greatest influence for good there ever was Jesus

And his spite of all the obstacles in his path

Look at the legacy of hope that you gave us

And as I look around me at those who live by his teachings

And bless the day of his birth

I can't help but feel this would be a whole lot better world

If he could have spent a little more time on this earth

A little more time a little more time

Peace on earth might really be today if only he had just had a little more time

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